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Negative criticism
Author: Anonymous (
Date:   07-13-2002 18:47

I think that you should actually let us horny people pretend like were sticking our fingers somewhere!!!!!!!!!!

 How to do it (after a plea from Sarah)
Author: Mrs Peignoir (
Date:   05-12-2000 14:32

Well, dear friends, hello and welcome to our "Eric is nothing but a big fat Belgian bastard" contest. I read this on the EIEB message board :

I have a problem. I want to make a small protestation about something Eric wrote recently - and Madeleine's living room would
appear to be the best place to do it, it having a section for this kind of thing. HOWever, I don't want to start things off by making
a b###hy comment - so could someone else write something nice there first? Maybe you could Madeleine cos I don't even know
how to use that kind of forum thing. Thanks, that'll be all.

Then, after Elise asked for more clarification, Sarah added :

Maybe I'm alone here, but since when was the word "b i t c h" a swear word? What about if my dog Jimmy was female and this
message board was about her? It would be indecipherable that's what. And it'd be pretty devoid of messages too.

Apparently, Mr Idle used the word "bitch" as a swear word somewhere and Sarah didn't like it, but finds it hard to express her feelings (she can do wonders with a computer, but suddenly feels helpless facing this little forum... hmmm...)

Well, I'm not going to explain *Sarah* (!) how the forums work, but some nice welcoming words would seem appropriate, yes.

Dear Idle people, don't be too embarrassed with this maybe unusual forum. Being critical is not being unkind, saying what you think is no insult. Negativity is just the dark background on which love radiates better. Remember you are fans of the "sixth nicest Python", and acknowledge this is something to be proud of. Being unilaterally and insipidly nice is what females and stars both learn. This is not what Monty Python was all about. This is not was feminism was all about. I'm not telling anybody what to do, and if no posts appear on this forum, it's all right by me. It just will remain here as another possibility of freedom in a consensual world.

Because, of course, the Eric Idle Grovelling Site is not meant for grovelling.

Love to everyone.

 RE: How to do it (after a plea from Sarah)
Author: Elise (
Date:   05-12-2000 15:43

Thanks for the clarification, I get it now. I have no problem with using profanity, maybe its the "dirty amercian culture" that Im not always so proud to be connected to. Thats my first thought. But also, what is a good solid relationship if you cant critisize it sometimes. I feel that our relationship with Eric is strong enough (he liked Sarah's website !) we can let him know when something bothers us. But IM not sure that using "bitch" constitues something that needs judgement to be expressed. But As I keep saying, Im still angry that the pythonline website deterred me from buying tickets to the Boston show. I still love you Eric, but that was cruel. I can say that and it doesnt change anything. Being direct is the best way to go. ALways. So thanks for the living room space Auntie to share our judgemental thoughts, its needed sometimes or you will hold it all in and get an ulcer ! We cant have that or no one will get to see Eric in his shows !


Author: SARAH (TIMTOM) (
Date:   05-12-2000 16:57

OH NO you got me all wrong!!

I feel SO daft now. OK, so I posted a message on my message board saying I wanted to shout at Eric for saying something. Then I said I didn't want to appear 'bitchy'. THEN, I checked the said message and it had replaced 'bitchy' with 'b####y" and THAT caused me to write a follow up COMPLETELY unrelated to Eric criticising my message board for being so puritanical. I wish I hadn't now cos it's made me look like a right conservative twat. Elise - I totally agree, swear words were created by those who get offended - without small-minded people they would have no effect. I could go into great detail analysing the power of the word @!#$ and I LOVE it, of course I do. Believe me, I was brought up on the word. (And food) So, this had nothing to do with Eric at all.


(This seems really stupid now)

I read a book review Eric wrote on his Pythonline site regarding "The Royals". He just dismissed Princess Diana as a manipulative woman who stole married men and I got upset by that. It's completely subjective of me because I love Diana - I am practically alone in this among the people I know, and I can only conclude that it's cos I hate the royal family so much and she was pretty.

And that was it.

So all in all I've wasted everyones time. Sorry. I feel daft.

OK, but at least I realise how to work this forum thing now. Thanks for starting it off Mad, it is very nice and I love the font.

Yours hoping I cleared this up

Sarah 'fucking' Timtom

Author: Elise (
Date:   05-12-2000 20:34

This is why computers build bad relationships ! And Sarah, just say what you mean directly and we will all be able to react. Its easy to get misundertsood on these message boards. DOes this mean now that we have to check both message boards ? I have enough trouble with one.The lesson for all of us, just say what you mean directly.


Author: Mrs Conclusion (
Date:   05-13-2000 00:28

Sarah and Elise are just souls whose intentions are good ! ...

Yes. "Just" say what you mean directly, bearing in mind it's not always that easy.

And no, you don't have to check both forums. They are conceptually different. Sarah's is the EIEB forum, it's warm, friendly, convivial, and we can chat and get daft and get silly and post whatever we like whenvever we like, because it makes us feel good and related to each other. This means Sarah's forum is the main one.

The EIGS forums propose intellectual, creative and more individual ways to express ourselves. They are research forums, University forums (which doesn't exclude silliness nor sex) and hope to break down some barriers between what/who is serious and what/who isn't. Fans are supposed to be brainless. Academics are supposed to be humourless. This is restrictive and it's often a pity, because people usually conform to such images which lead the young fans to self deprecation, the elder fans to stand aside and keep their mouths shut - and the academics to remain the boring old farts they too often feel compelled to be.

In short, as Eric is an unusual star, these forums propose to you to get unusual. Therefore, they're not as immediate. You don't necessarily feel this need every day !

Mmmm, the next thing I'll do for my site is to write down the "Policies and Orientations" thing. It will get clearer.

Love and handgrenades,

Mrs Conclusion

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