The Naughty Philosophers present :

Welcome every Idle traveller, propeller and groveller.

The Naughty Philosophers are a Guild meant to provide you with ancient lore and unknown pleasures - everything you wanted to know about Eric Idle... but were afraid to ask. Here you can Finger him with Mrs Premise, get Inside him with Mrs Conclusion, or socialize in various ways with Mrs Peignoir, Administrator and Curator, who will show you to :

Number : YOU !


12/5/00 - Due to severe problems of health, our cathedral lays apparently forlorn. Please don't mourn it.The Philosophers are trying hard to be able to get back to work. We love you Eric. Every single bit of energy from us will be for you.

07/13/00 - Chronicle well on its way. Mrs Premise reveals Eric's Idols and proudly displays her righteous collection of Healthy Pictures and her account of The Pied Piper of Hamlin. Mrs Conclusion announces some tentative Tables of Contents for her Research Units.

07/06/00 - A sign from His Modesty in the Guest Book of this very site. No stone possibly cast in the stained glass windows of this cathedral now. Our work stands anointed in the milk of godly kindness. Nothing will ever be quite the same.

07/02/00 - Pictures of Series 1 Episode 12 completed. A Chronicle of Eric's life begins to see the light of day.

05/30/00 - A few candid Pictures for virgins to Walk On Air By. And a frog joke to wait by instead of the dead links.

05/22/00 - Policy and Orientations defined in The Chambers (over).

05/18/00 - Policy and Orientations defined in The Chambers (unfinished).

05/09/00 - Furniture delivered in The Living Room. The exhibition is on at the Wall of Fame.




N° 7 : The Elbow N° 23 : The Shoulders Part 1 What Do You Expect ? The Spanish Inquisition ? N°3 : The Knees N°2 : The Naughty Feet It's Eric Time ! N°5 : The Head Please Fondle My Bum !